Jaja Arden ; Myself

Henna Design ❤️

Hello love,

Eid Mubarak is coming in 5 days time. I decided to do henna for myself and for my first Daughter. She’s a 4 years old little girl and this is her first time experience it. So I ask the person to just do one hand and a simple design will do. 

Her first experience somehow she’s afraid and she felt worried, I think. Cause when henna touches your skin, it feels cold. So ya.. but she like it overall. Once she reached home, she asked me to quickly rinse off. She doesn’t feel comfortable but the good thing is she let the henna dry until she reach home. I’m surprised. I did took a few pictures of mine and hers.

As for mine on my left hand, which have 3 triangle, I requested them to do it. I took a picture that I wanted to do but I somehow not satisfied cause she feel nervous. I can see her hand shaking. The last picture is what I requested her to do. Somehow my hand is quite a mess. Oh well, can try next year Eid Mubarak. Can’t wait! *excited* 

Farewell! See you on my next post! ❤️


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