Makeup Addiction

What’s in my mailbox today? ðŸ¤”

Hello love,

Guess what?! My Matte Lipstick that I’ve ordered came. Which is quite Long to arrive here. Anyways, I ordered other makeup also but only this 2 came first. 

Third picture is a video. Glitter black eyeliner. I bought it because the eyeliner is glitter on the outside. The eyeliner itself not much of a glitter but it have other Colours too and the rest full of glitter but I didn’t buy them. 😔 Crystal brushes for picture 4 and 5. First 2 I basically bought them also due to their packaging and design of the lipstick itself. 😂 it’s beautifully indeed. Smell good and it’s Matte. 👍🏼 

Can’t wait for the rest to arrive. See you on my next post. 😘



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