Makeup Addiction

Review: Aurelife Illuminating Kit

Hello love,

I found this palette at AliExpress. I know it not recommended to buy fake makeup and stuff but I actually like it because some products they quite pigmented despite it fakes. So I tend to keep the good pigmentation fake product and the one that is awful will definitely inside the bin. So I bought this palette to try out. Obviously fake makeup they quite powdery, I understand that. And this palette smells good. 😂 really smells good. But it came broken. 😭 I try to pressed it down so It won’t fall. And that the best I can do (pic 2). I did swatches and only the broken shade is very pigment. The other 2 is not quite pigment. As you can see below. 

I’m just wondering if I broke the other 2 shade will the shade be pop? 🤔 what do you guys think?

Overall: Not recommended. But smell awesome. I want to eat them. 😂


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