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O.TWO.O Cosmetics

Hello love,

I think you all have heard this cosmetics brand and maybe some of you have bought their products. I just started buying this a month ago. And received this last week, I think. 

Please do take note this brand is from aliexpress. So it may be good and it maybe not good. ✌🏼That’s why I’m doing review. πŸ˜†

I bought their illuminator in the shade of Bubbly and 24k rose gold elixir. I did swatch for the illuminator and for the elixir I also apply on top of my hand. But I didn’t have a chance to do video cause it’s hard. No one wanna do video for me. 😭 Hahaha!

Starts with the illuminator. It call Bubbly. The name itself is cute. I like it! Packaging is nice and intact. Didn’t broke while on the way here. Just perfect! 


Another product will be their 24k rose gold elixir. I love their packaging. 😍

Lets talk about the smell. When I smell from outside the bottle, it smells like lavender. When I apply in my hand, smells like lemon and after I spread them out, it smells like Indian hair oil. Well not that I mind but come on, you have to atleast stick to one smell. And I hoping will be rosy smell. Since they call rose gold. My expectation didn’t match with reality. 😭 The textures of the elixir is the same as normal serum you find outside. Watery. 

I’ll try them out soon and will post them again. See in you on my next post! Bye bye! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ


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