Malia Mellia Singapore (MMSG)

Hello love,

How’s your weekend going? Good? I hope it’s awesome weekend. 

I’m back with something different today. I know you all never heard of MMSG. Basically MMSG sells slimming products and cosmetics. They provides 100% herbal based health/beauty and slimming products which are tested and proven effective. If that is not convincing enough for you, our products at MMSG are safe and HSA notified. 

So what are their products?

For Slimming Products:

  • XXS Advance 
  • Tealicious
  • XRadiance
  • Dara Curtat
  • Slimming Suit

For Beauty Products:

  • Tinted Moisturiser 
  • DD FoundationCream
  • CC Cushion
  • Power Treatment Serum
  • Power Treatment Serum (ToxTox)
  • Mellvya Lotion
  • Mellvya scrub

That’s a lot of products. I’ll be talking each categories in different post, okay? 👌🏼 i hope you looking forward to it.. 

MMSG not also selling their products. They also help selling other Brand products such as TeesaBeauty, Merve Cosmetics, phloosh and Magloure. No worries, I’ll be talking about them in different post soon. 

FYI, I’m MMSG Sales assosciate or Sales agent, whichever you want to call. 😅 So let’s say if you have any enquiry about all those and brand mention above, don’t be shy, comment. Or you can visit my Instagram @beautyxjaja to DM me. ✌🏼

P.S I’m sorry there’s no picture for this post. Haha! Will see all the products for my next post. Whos excited?! I know I am because of telling you all this MMSG products and other beauty stuff. It’s excite me very much! 😂

See you on my next post! 👋🏼


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