Makeup Addiction

Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette 

Hello love, Guess what?! I’ve bought my first glitter palette! I know, What the hell I’m thinking. Passion in makeup but never had a glitter palette before. 😅  When I’m still a teenager, I never even thought of getting myself glitter-fied (not sure there’s a word like that in vocabulary but who cares) so I… Continue reading Beauty Glazed Pressed Glitter Palette 

Makeup Addiction

New Released: Beauty Glazed Products

Hello love, I’m back to update you all regarding beauty Glazed that have been released a few weeks /month ago and going to release soon..  Here’s the newly launch in a few days time before I sell them in Singapore.  Beauty Glazed I Got You Edition Impressed You Glitter Palette Will buy for myself to… Continue reading New Released: Beauty Glazed Products


Malia Mellia Singapore (MMSG)

Hello love, How’s your weekend going? Good? I hope it’s awesome weekend.  I’m back with something different today. I know you all never heard of MMSG. Basically MMSG sells slimming products and cosmetics. They provides 100% herbal based health/beauty and slimming products which are tested and proven effective. If that is not convincing enough for… Continue reading Malia Mellia Singapore (MMSG)